About the Olive Oil Promise

The Olive Oil Promise is a campaign sponsored by the International Olive Council (IOC) to raise awareness of the many beneficial aspects of high-quality olive oil. Working with U.S. industry partners, the IOC is sharing the latest news and developments on the many promises of olive oil, including:

  • Health: the latest research on olive oil’s disease- and age-fighting properties
  • Taste: the distinctive flavor profiles of olive oils and their categories
  • Quality: the standards by which today’s olive oils are judged around the world
  • Value: the cost efficiency of olive oil as a part of a healthy diet
  • Authenticity: the protection of consumers from fraudulent products
  • Diversity: the range of variety, flavor and quality from olive-producing countries
  • Versatility: the many applications and cooking methods that easily incorporate olive oil

About the International Olive Council

colorful table of food with fish and vegetables.The International Olive Council (IOC) brings together olive oil and table olive producers and consumers from around the world. The only intergovernmental organization of its kind within the industry, the IOC is uniquely positioned to provide authoritative, educational, timely and relevant information on all things associated with olives and olive oils.

Since its establishment in 1959, the IOC has played a critical role worldwide in promoting its industry. It contributes to the sustainable and responsible development of olive growing, and it serves as a global forum for discussing policymaking issues and tackling a host of challenges.

The IOC’s mission encourages:

  • Promoting olive oil and table olive consumption through innovative campaigns and programs
  • Expanding international trade and maintaining trade, product and quality standards
  • Cooperating on research and development projects, training and technology
  • Engaging government representatives and industry experts to address critical issues
  • Establishing private sector partnerships
  • Addressing environmental impacts of the industry
  • Supplying clear and accurate industry data

The IOC pursues its mission through the work of its four divisions: Survey & Assessment, Promotion, Administrative & Finance and Technical. The Technical Division is responsible, in part, for research and development as well as the recommendations of recognized standards for the characteristics of olive oils and olive-pomace oils.

The IOC membership includes leading international producers and exporters of olive oil and table olives, currently accounting for 98 percent of the world’s production. The organization is based in Madrid, Spain.

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