• Olive Oil is Key to Promoting Plant-Forward Diets, Report Says

    The white paper, which was published by the Culinary Institute of America and the International Olive Council, also says that a shift to plant-forward diets is necessary to achieve global climate goals and promote healthy eating. More

  • Plant-Forward Kitchen Recipes

    Of all the cultural models of healthy, sustainable plant-forward dietary patterns and food systems, the heavily researched traditional Mediterranean Diet stands out for the inspiration it offers to American, Northern European and other global audiences. At the heart of Mediterranean food cultures is the olive oil kitchen. More

  • IOC – The results of the 109th session of the Council of Members

    Several decisions were made during the session, including the renewal of the mandate of the three senior officers and the approval of the request for accession submitted by Georgia, which is set to become the 17th member of the IOC. More

  • 2019 Mario Solinas Winners

    In all, 164 oils have competed for the International Olive Council’s Mario Solinas Quality Award 2019, announced in May 2018, with entries from Angola (1), Algeria (4), Brazil (1), China (2), Croatia (1), Greece (2), Italy (4), Morocco (22), Portugal (37), Saudi Arabia (1), Spain (80), Tunisia (7) and Turkey (2). Entries were submitted by individual producers, producers’ associations or packers. More

  • Olive Oil and the Plant-Forward Kitchen

    Recognized by UNESCO as a World Intangible Cultural Heritage and now considered a matter of settled science, the olive oil–rich, traditional Mediterranean diet has been widely inspiring healthier food choices among Americans for more than two decades. Over that time, we have come to accept olive oil as part of the American market basket, not just an exotic ingredient belonging to other distant cultures. And further, we have come to understand that, like wine and some foods, there is a whole world of olive oil—full of varietals, styles, aromatics, and markers of excellence. More

  • IOC – The Council Adopts a New Mandate for the Directors of the IOC

    The Executive Director, Abdellatif Ghedira (Tunisia), and the two Deputy Executive Directors, Jaime Lillo (Spain) and Mustafa Sepetçi (Turkey), have had their mandates renewed for a further four years at the International Olive Council. More

  • IOC Seminar on the Future of the Olive Sector

    An international seminar was on the programme for the 109th session of the Council of Members on the challenges and perspectives of the olive sector. More

  • IOC: The Minister of Agriculture presides over the AFC

    The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture, Ezz El Din Abu Steit, who is the Chair of the International Olive Council for 2019, will also preside over the work of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Committee of the IOC. More


    After 35 years, OLIVӔ has a new look, a new colour scheme and a more dynamic layout. More

  • 109th session of the Council of Members begins in Marrakech

    The 109th session of the Council of Members of the International Olive Council officially began on Monday 17 June in Marrakech, Morocco. More