IOC: The Minister of Agriculture presides over the AFC

June 2019

Marrakech – The Egyptian Minister of Agriculture, Ezz El Din Abu Steit, who is the Chair of the International Olive Council for 2019, will also preside over the work of the Administrative and Financial Affairs Committee of the IOC, the driving force behind the operational and administrative activities of the Executive Secertariat.

Dr. Steit is assisted by the Executive Director, Abdellatif Ghedira, and by the two Deputy Executive Directors, Jaime Lillo, who is responsible for the operational section of the IOC, and Mustafa Sepetçi, who is responsible for the Administrative and Financial Affairs Unit, and the Observatory and Information Systems Department of the IOC.

On 20 June, a seminar on the challenges and prospects facing the olive sector will take place in collaboration with the Moroccan delegation and the Technology and Environment Unit of the IOC. Important decisions are also pending adoption at the closing of the 109th session of the Council of Members, which will take place on 21 June.